Want to Accomplish a Challenging Goal? The 1 Thing Smart People Never Do When They Need a Boost of Willpower, Determination, and Perseverance

Want To Accomplish A Challenging Goal? The 1 Thing Smart People Never Do When They Need A Boost Of Willpower, Determination, And Perseverance - Gettyimages 1339551456 513219

Achieving any challenging long-term goal requires perseverance. Determination. Staying the course.

Obvious? Absolutely. But no less true. 

So what makes people stop? And more to the point, why are you sometimes able to tap into considerable stores of determination and willpower… while at other times, you’re not?

That’s a question researchers at the University of Bologna set out to answer. Participants were split into two groups. People in one group spent ninety minutes working on a difficult computer task that required significant cognitive effort. Those in the other group spent the time watching a documentary about cars and trains, a task that required no mental effort (other than possibly trying to stay awake.)

Then both groups were hooked up to cardio monitors, put on exercise bikes, and told to pedal as fast as they could until unable to continue as the resistance steadily increased. Participants were asked at regular intervals during the test to rate how hard they…

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This article was written by Jeff Haden and originally published on www.inc.com