Post Politics Now: Biden headed to Detroit to highlight investment in electric vehicles

Post Politics Now: Biden Headed To Detroit To Highlight Investment In Electric Vehicles - Wzi7Flbtvei63Igwifjjtp7L2U

Cox said he never considered running for governor in heavily Democratic Maryland before his fight against shutdowns, mask restrictions and vaccine mandates focused his ambition and rallied supporters.

“I had no plans, never even crossed my imagination,” said Cox, 48, who represents a Frederick, Md., district.

His record of passing two bills, tacking on a few amendments to others and casting votes on the fringe of his own party would not normally portend a shot at the state’s top job. Neither would calling the 2020 election of President Biden “stolen” in a deeply Democratic state, nor attending a conference in Gettysburg, Pa., this spring that promoted QAnon theories.

But now he’s at the top of the GOP ticket, waging an uphill campaign against a Democratic opponent who has outraised him 10 to 1. Cox’s record as a one-term state lawmaker illustrates what he did — and tried to do — when he had a position of power.

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