iOS 16 is Here and Here’s How It Can Help Your Business

Ios 16 Is Here And Here'S How It Can Help Your Business - Gettyimages 1243215308 513727

As you probably know, the new iPhone 14 lineup was announced last week and with it, the new Apple operating system–iOS 16

This is a massive update and there are hundreds of new features but there are some features that, if used properly, can boost your productivity. 

Here are 5 new iOS 16 features you can use to give yourself a boost. 

1. Battery Life

Now, on iOS 16, Apple finally allows me to flip the switch on battery percentage. In other words, you can now see how much battery you have left. 

This used to be available on iPhone and was removed. Now it’s back and it’s super useful and hard to believe it took this long. 

So as you go about your day, you can now pay closer attention to how much battery you have left and then you can adjust your workflow accordingly. 

2. Photo Sorcery 

One of the absolute coolest new features in iOS 16 is the ability to long press on an object in a picture and instantly remove the background. You can then drag the object you selected right into…

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