Burkina Faso trapped miners: Director fined over disaster that left eight dead

The director of a mine in Burkina Faso has been found guilty of manslaughter, following a flooding disaster in April that killed eight miners.

Hein Frey, of Canadian company Trevali, was fined $3,000 and given a suspended 24-month prison sentence.

The incident caused outrage in the country at the time.

The outcome has been met with shock, with some in Burkina Faso seeing the sentencing as light, given the number of victims.

A second executive, from Trevali’s contractor Byrnecut, was handed a 12-month suspended sentence.

The eight miners were working at a depth of more than 500m when they became trapped by torrential rain in April.

In less than an hour, 125mm of rain fell – five times the average monthly amount.

But despite rescue efforts, in late May the first bodies of the miners were recovered from the Perkoa zinc mine, which lies about 100km (60 miles) west of the capital, Ouagadougou.

In June, the last body was recovered, following some 66 days of searching.

There was…

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