Better know yourself and others to increase your leadership confidence and competence

Better Know Yourself And Others To Increase Your Leadership Confidence And Competence - Gettyimages 1408899427 513471

Leadership is easy and even interesting to talk about in the abstract. We read stories of notable leaders — generals, presidents, Fortune 100 CEOs — making bold statements, skillfully navigating a crisis, and moving people to act. And we admire them.

We have an almost romantic notion of what leadership should look like and what occasions demand strong, clear guidance and direction.

For most of us, though, we’re called to lead differently — heading up departments, developing new products, or getting our teams on the same page to execute a work plan. We face leadership challenges weekly, if not daily. And just because we’re not on the battlefield or the news, these challenges are still high stakes to us because people, money, and time are on the line. We know our job is to make the most of these precious resources and we want to be good at it.

Understanding the connection between leadership and confidence

Feeling confident as a leader can be elusive. You want to feel confident, but…

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