A Jewish activist was attacked amid rising hate. The DOJ took action.

A Jewish Activist Was Attacked Amid Rising Hate. The Doj Took Action. - Faznopbqoii63Pggbb2Le2Xcsy

When Matt Greenman heard about a pro-Palestinian rally in Manhattan in April, he grabbed an Israeli flag, met the demonstrators on 42nd Street and marched ahead of them, wearing the flag like a cape.

His counterprotest didn’t last long. Moving toward the sidewalk, investigators say, he was attacked by Saadah Masoud — a founding member of Within Our Lifetime, a Palestinian activist group — who punched him and dragged him across the pavement, causing a concussion.

In June, the Justice Department charged Masoud with a federal hate crime, saying he targeted Greenman, who is Jewish, because of “his perceived national origin, and actual and perceived religion.”

The case is part of a surge of federal hate-crime prosecutions this year under Attorney General Merrick Garland; in the first six months of 2022, the Justice Department filed 20 cases, a pace that would eclipse any single year of the Obama or Trump administrations.

Officials tout the prosecutions as one way the Biden…

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This article was written by David Nakamura and originally published on www.washingtonpost.com