The Trailer: What to watch on this final primary night

The Trailer: What To Watch On This Final Primary Night - I52A6Jbr7Ii63Igwifjjtp7L2U

In this edition: What to watch on this final primary night, how Sen. Lindsey O. Graham just complicated the GOP’s closing message, and what the left wants to do to Rhode Island’s Democratic establishment.

Singing an extra “so good” during “Sweet Caroline” should be illegal, and this is The Trailer.

What started six months ago in Texas ends today on the east coast. Primary season is coming to a close, with three of our smallest states picking nominees for swing races, safe seats, and control of state legislatures.

Polls close in all of tonight’s primary states at 8 p.m., and for one more time, here’s what to watch.

New Hampshire. Republicans will pick their nominees for U.S. Senate and both House seats today – all of which the party thinks it can win in November – and all of which Democrats believe they can hold if the GOP picks bad nominees. The latter have been leaning on the scale in the Senate race, with the Democratic Senate Majority PAC spending more than $3 million to…

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