Book: The DOJ almost implicated Trump more directly in a crime

Book: The Doj Almost Implicated Trump More Directly In A Crime - Wp5Fwjht6Mi6Rgocz7Fg7T3Bbq

It was a shocking enough document as it was. Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, had pleaded guilty to illegally concealing hush money paid to two women who were accusing Trump of extramarital affairs. The 2018 charging document implicated Trump, named as “Individual-1,” notably by saying he attended a meeting about how he might quash any negative stories about his relationships.

And it might have implicated Trump even further, then-U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman now says — were it not for the kind of politically tinged meddling that he says was endemic in the Trump Justice Department.

The New York Times last week briefly noted that Berman’s new book alleges that a Justice Department official tried to get references to Trump removed from the Cohen charging document. And now that the book is out, we have Berman’s fuller account of the events.

Many references to “Individual-1” were left in the document, but Berman says the pressure led to it being watered down….

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