A Monarchy Masterclass for Modern Leaders: Royal Lessons In Succession Planning from Queen Elizabeth II

A Monarchy Masterclass For Modern Leaders: Royal Lessons In Succession Planning From Queen Elizabeth Ii - Gettyimages 1007231222 513199

The death of the longest-serving and much-admired British monarch Queen Elizabeth II has prompted reflection on a life of duty and devotion. From the exact moment her eldest son became King Charles III, the meticulous leadership succession process planned years in advance began. It’s a monarchy masterclass. The Royal Household can teach business leaders much about this lost art of succession planning and successor preparation.

Preparing For Instant Power

Most executives crave power, but few are prepared when it comes, especially when it’s unexpected. You might be promoted after rapid growth, a scandal, or resignation. You may find yourself thrown into the deep end in a crisis. For example, during the pandemic, Zoom, Netflix, and Peloton lurched into the spotlight under the watchful eyes of regulators, analysts, media, and customers.

Businesses laboriously craft perfect plans to achieve success, yet few plan for succession. What happens if you’re acquired, go public, or…

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This article was written by Nuala Walsh and originally published on www.inc.com