Trump bashed Fox News for ‘pushing’ the Democrats’ agenda and said if CNN ‘went conservative’ they’d be an ‘absolute gold mine’ and he’d help them do it

Former President Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Saturday, Sept. 3, 2022.
Trump lashed out at Fox News and contributor Karl Rove, who criticized Trump having documents at Mar-a-Lago.
Trump also said he would support CNN if the network decided to take a conservative approach.
The comments come amid exits at CNN that suggest the network wants to appeal to a wider audience.

Former President Donald Trump tore into Fox News on Sunday, accusing the network of amplifying the Democratic agenda and going harder on Republicans than Democrats.

“Wow! Fox News is really pushing the Democrats and the Democrat agenda. Gets worse every single day,” Trump wrote in a post on Truth Social. “So many Dems interviewed with only softball questions, then Republican counterparts get creamed.”

It’s unclear what interviews exactly Trump was referring to, but he also specifically called out Karl Rove, a former GOP White House official and Fox News contributor.

“RINO Karl Rove is unwatchable,…

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