To Engage Your Employees, Look Outside the Company

To Engage Your Employees, Look Outside The Company - Gettyimages 1371130680 512239

We’re all bracing for a recession, and we know employee engagement is an even stronger predictor of financial performance during recessions than in non-recession times. Companies at the 99th percentile of engagement have nearly five times the success rate of those in the bottom percentile during an economic downturn. So it’s right that we’re obsessed with employee engagement, especially now.

But how we’ve been approaching employee engagement isn’t right. And we know that because it isn’t working. The percentage of engaged employees (hovering around 33 percent) hasn’t increased by more than a couple points in decades. And companies lose up to $605 billion each year to disengagement.

The current solution to the problem looks a little like this: We focus on trying to engage the employee in the idea of the company instead of engaging them in their profitable purpose: the customer. We promote positivity with team-building activities, fleeting perks, and holiday bonuses, but don’t really…

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