The major revelations from the investigation of what Trump took to Mar-a-Lago

The Major Revelations From The Investigation Of What Trump Took To Mar-A-Lago - Xqqlkcbkeqi63Kik7Tsacxp4R4
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Over the past week, there’s been a ton of legal back-and-forth over what the FBI took from former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

Through all this, we’ve learned quite a bit about the case. Last week, the government released a heavily redacted version of its affidavit justifying its extraordinary search. This week, Trump has been pushing for a special master — a third party who would go through the documents for any that could possibly fall under executive privilege.

Through all this, we’ve learned quite a bit about the investigation and how Trump is trying to defend himself. Some of the biggest revelations so far:

Trump had more than 300 documents containing classified information with him at his club

Trump took an astounding amount of classified material with him out of the White House to a club that could be accessed by a much broader swath of the public, including foreign nationals. Compare that to Hillary Clinton, whom the FBI…

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