Introducing Getting Along

AMY GALLO [NARRATING]: Haven’t we all struggled to get along with somebody at work?

AMY GALLO [IN CONVERSATION]: Sherri, tell me, what do you mean when you say things are just OK?

SHERRI: I mean they’re just OK. So, if I was a person who didn’t have any goals or aspirations or wanted to feel appreciated for the good work I do, then I could live like this forever.

AMY GALLO [IN CONVERSATION]: [Laughs] OK, I’m sorry to laugh, but —

SHERRI: I know.

AMY GALLO [IN CONVERSATION]: I’m just going to tell you that’s not ok.

SHERRI: Yeah, it’s not, right?

AMY GALLO [NARRATING]: Do you want to know how to deal with a micromanager?

KIM: It’s just, it’s a battle. I was told I was hired, “Hey, we want you to change this. We want you to implement this.” But everything they hired me to do is a battle.

AMY GALLO [NARRATING]: Or prevent a know-it-all from making you feel small?

OLIVIA: We had dynamics in which she would also need to be the smartest…

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