Accidentally Gave Away $7.2 Million. It’s a Lesson for Every Leader Accidentally Gave Away $7.2 Million. It'S A Lesson For Every Leader - Gettyimages 1239620664 512347

Cryptocurrency titan is waging a protracted legal battle against an Australian woman, and some of her relatives, over about $7.2 million that the company accidentally deposited in her account more than a year ago. In what sounds more like the plot of a movie than a real-life occurrence, is fighting–many months after the fact–to recover the funds, which have now been spread among multiple people in different countries. 

To say that is a victim of its own errors would be an understatement. Rarely has a company of any size shot itself in the foot with such perfect aim. There are multiple lessons here for every business leader. Here’s a look at just some of what got wrong.

Someone made a typo that started it all.

Back in May 2021, owed a refund of $100 Australian dollars (AUD), or about $68, to a woman named Thevamanogari Manivel. According to press reports, a employee inadvertently entered an account number into…

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