US troops are still under fire in America’s ‘forgotten war’

Members of the US Army’s 5th Special Forces Group at the Al Tanf Garrison in southern Syria in November 2017.
Many Americans were reminded in late August that the US is actively engaged in military combat.
But the conflict US troops are involved in is not in Afghanistan nor in Ukraine. It’s in Syria.

Many Americans were reminded last week that the United States remains actively engaged in military combat overseas. But this conflict is not in Afghanistan, where the US withdrew its forces last August. Nor is it in Ukraine, where President Joe Biden has gone out of his way to avoid direct military involvement. It’s in Syria.

Last week, the Biden administration authorized airstrikes against Iranian-backed militants in response to rocket attacks on bases housing US forces. While the militants’ rockets resulted in only minor injuries to US troops, reports indicate that the US retaliatory strikes were quite extensive and deadly.

While the Afghanistan War seemed to last “forever” and the war…

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