US Open 2022: Gauff beats Zhang after Berrettini and Ruud go through – as it happened

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That’s all for this blog – we’ll have a new one along, for the evening session, coming up shortly. Bye for now.

Gauff has a chat on court: “It feels insane. Ashe Stadium chanting my name … I was trying to stay in the moment … I can’t believe you guys were chanting like that, it was crazy!”

On the conditions: “I’m from Florida, so the hotter the better.”

What will she do on her day off tomorrow, before a quarter-final against Caroline Garcia? “Honestly I just practice and then I just scroll on TikTok all day, to be honest.”

Gauff belts a few tennis balls into the cheering crowd, and gets another massive ovation. She is a special player.

Updated at 18.08 EDT

Gauff beats Zhang! 7-5, 7-5

Gauff gets it done. That was phenomenal.

Zhang 5-7, 5-6 *Gauff (*denotes next server)

Steely, steely determination and no little skill from the superb Gauff. She breaks – and she can serve for the match.

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