Southwest didn’t tell the family of an unaccompanied 8-year-old that her flight was diverted

A Southwest plane.
Southwest diverted a flight with an unaccompanied eight-year-old but didn’t tell her family.
Ara Zoser said her niece was “scared and hungry” when she finally managed to get her on the phone.
The airline offered a $150 voucher but Zoser said it didn’t take responsibility for the diversion.

Southwest diverted a flight that had an unaccompanied minor aged eight on board – but failed to let her family know. 

On August 22, Ara Zoser’s niece boarded a direct flight from Hartsfield-Jackson, Atlanta bound for LaGuardia, New York. The flight was due to land at 5:40 p.m.

An hour after that time, her mother Regine called Zoser in a panic after the flight had been diverted to Baltimore-Washington airport in Maryland.

She told Insider that Regine received no notice of this flight change and another family member had been waiting for the child’s arrival at the airport. “Regine could not get in contact with Southwest, as they were receiving an unusually high call volume…

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