Pope who served 33 days before stunning death is beatified

Pope Who Served 33 Days Before Stunning Death Is Beatified - Ap22247395200008

“How beautiful is a church with a happy, serene and smiling face, that never closes doors, never hardens hearts, never complains or harbors resentments, isn’t angry, does not look dour or suffer nostalgia for the past,″ the pontiff said.

Francis then encouraged people to pray to the newly beatified churchman to “obtain for us the smile of the soul.”

Last year, Francis approved a miracle attributed to the intercession of John Paul I — that of the recovery of a critically ill 11-year-old girl in 2011 in Buenos Aires, the hometown of the current pope. Now a young woman, Candela Giarda told a Vatican press conference last week via a video message that she had wanted to attend the ceremony but couldn’t because she recently broke a foot working out in a gym.

For Luciani to be declared a saint, another miracle, following his beatification, must be attributed to his intercession and certified by the Vatican.

Seated under a canopy outside St. Peter’s Basilica, Francis led…

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This article was written by By Associated Press and originally published on www.politico.com