Manchester United v Arsenal: Premier League – live!

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“If Stockley Park watched the Zapruder film enough times,” says Tony Rudd, “I’d wager they could finally tell us who shot JFK. Perhaps referees should only be able to see the replays in real time, or limit the number of times they can view them.”

Or, better still, they can only watch them at 2x to the sound of Yakety Sax.

It’s yet another tale of Old Trafford frustration for Arsenal. Gabriel Martinelli had a goal controversially disallowed at 0-0, and the game looked theirs for the taking when Saka equalised after an hour. Maybe they pushed too hard; maybe Mikel Arteta gambled too early with a triple substitution and change of shape at 2-1. They still played very well, particularly Gabriel Jesus and Granit Xhaka, and they are still top of the league.

That was an excellent game, dominated for long periods by Arsenal. But United were ruthless in transition and scored three excellent goals. The…

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