How Business Owners Can Utilize Google’s Delay to Remove Third-Party Cookies to Their Advantage

How Business Owners Can Utilize Google’s Delay To Remove Third-Party Cookies To Their Advantage - Chromecookies 512199

For the last few years, advertisers have been hearing about Google’s apparent move away from the third-party cookie. This is a big deal, and most ad industry folks are paying close attention because of the implications it will have on their ability to target and track consumers across their online behavior. The inability to easily track consumer search and purchase data has massive revenue implications for advertisers, but it affects other businesses too. 

However, business owners generally tend to be less in-the-know about how the changes will impact their ability to advertise their products and reach new consumers. Recently, Google announced that it was going to delay the change to 2024, giving business owners and advertising leaders an opportunity to get up to speed. Here’s what you should know about how this move will impact your business, and how you can prepare.

First, how did we get here?

Privacy concerns have prompted both consumers and industry gatekeepers to question our…

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