What to Buy (and Skip) in September 2022

Thanks to seasonal retail cycles, products tend to go on sale at the same time each year. September is known for blowout deals on select products like mattresses.

Much like in 2021, supply chain challenges stemming from the pandemic still loom large this year. And let’s not forget about inflation. But, in a bit of a twist, some larger, general merchandise retailers — think Target, Walmart and Kohls — are dealing with a surplus of stock in some product categories after overcompensating for anticipated delays, according to the Wall Street Journal.

It’s still an unpredictable retail environment, but stores with too much stock could be to your September shopping benefit. Keep that in mind as you look for deals online and in-store this month.

Buy: Mattresses

Labor Day is on Sept. 5, and retailers typically observe the federal holiday with weekend sales. Traditionally, these events include discounts on items for the home, such as mattresses and appliances.

In past years, these deals…

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This article was written by Tommy Tindall and originally published on www.nerdwallet.com