The Hardest Miles to Earn — and Why They’re Worth Trying to Get

When flying United Airlines, most travelers default to earning miles through United’s MileagePlus loyalty program. However, I credit all of my United Airlines and Star Alliance flights to the loyalty program of an airline that I’ve never flown: Asiana Airlines.

Why’s that? Asiana Club miles are much more valuable to me than United miles. After all, you can use Asiana miles to fly business class to Europe for just 40,000 miles. And while United miles can be easily generated by transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards® points, Asiana Club miles are much harder to earn.

Let’s look at five of the hardest miles to earn and why they’re worth the difficulty to get.

1. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

Seattle-based Alaska Airlines may be one of the larger airlines in the U.S. However, the airline’s miles aren’t easy to get outside of flying. In addition, Mileage Plan isn’t a transfer partner of any major bank’s transferable points currency. That means it’s challenging to build up or top off your…

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