Maxwell Frost is figuring out how to be Gen Z’s likely first congressman

Maxwell Frost Is Figuring Out How To Be Gen Z’s Likely First Congressman - S3Tx7Sri3Ei63Kik7Tsacxp4R4

September 3, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. EDT

Maxwell Frost, a Democratic candidate for Congress, on his way to be interviewed on a podcast in Orlando. (Photos by Thomas Simonetti for The Washington Post)Comment on this story


ORLANDO — One week after winning his first-ever political campaign, Maxwell Alejandro Frost was grappling with a fresh decision: Where should I go on vacation?

Plans to ride roller coasters with his girlfriend in Tampa were scrapped due to unpredictable stormy weather, and now Frost was deciding between rerouting to Miami or Charleston in South Carolina. He wasn’t convinced any of it was a good idea.

“There’s so much to do because I just want to hit the ground running in January,” he said during an interview earlier this week at his quiet campaign office in downtown Orlando. “But a lot of the advice I am getting is, you can do all that and not go as hard as you had to go in the campaign essentially.”

Frost, who turned 25 in January, had just overcome the…

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