Look Who’s Laughing Now. Why Android’s Attempted Expose Backfired.

Look Who'S Laughing Now. Why Android'S Attempted Expose Backfired. - Androidsad 512439

In a recent Tweet, Android thought it was cleverly exposing an iPhone iOS flaw. Or at least what Android perceived as an iOS flaw. The caption read, 

“If they can put WiFi on a plane 33,000 ft. in the sky, why do you still need a cell signal just to text?

Apple hasn’t talked about it. We, however, love an informed audience. #GetTheMessage”

The message that Android didn’t seem to get was that in its snide attempt to air Apple’s dirty laundry, what it exposed was its own biggest flaw. Because there’s one thing that Apple gets that Android doesn’t-and it boils down to just one word. 

Android’s Tweet states that “Apple doesn’t tell you the whole truth about read receipts.” But of course, Android does. Android goes on to explain why the iPhone does show read receipts for all texts (not to be confused with iMessages). 

Apple’s dirty little secret, according to Android, is that iPhones rely on outdated technology (SMS/MMS) to communicate with non-iPhones. While Android isn’t wrong, it…

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This article was written by Kelly Main and originally published on www.inc.com