Why Sarah Palin’s loss is a warning for the GOP

Why Sarah Palin’s Loss Is A Warning For The Gop - Election 2022 House Alaska 55279

Palin, a former governor and one-time political sensation, had tethered herself to Trump in a reliably red state, with a similarly fervent base of support. But her race, more than any primary this year, had approximated a traditional general election where a candidate is rewarded for appealing to a broad swath of voters.

Her defeat was the firmest evidence yet this year that at least some Republicans may be turned off enough to vote the other way in the midterms and potentially, beyond.

Palin, said Cynthia Henry, the Republican national committeewoman from Alaska, “is a little bit of a lightning rod.” While some conservatives “strongly support her,” there are others who “really don’t support her at all.”

The expectation of many Republicans in Alaska was that in an era of super-polarized politics, partisan leanings would outweigh any reservations a voter might have about either Republican on the ballot, leading them to rank one Republican first and one second. In a…

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This article was written by By David Siders and originally published on www.politico.com