Trump wanted to know everything about foreign leaders’ extramarital affairs: New York Times

Former President Donald Trump is under investigation by the FBI over his handling of classified documents.
Trump was often amused by the CIA’s intelligence reports on foreign leaders, per The New York Times.
He was very interested in what was said about these leaders’ extramarital affairs, per The Times.
Rolling Stone also reported that Trump has been bragging about having dirt on Emmanuel Macron.

Former President Donald Trump was very interested in hearing intelligence reports about foreign leaders, particularly regarding their romantic affairs, according to The New York Times.

In its article published on Thursday, the outlet spoke to former Trump-era officials and people responsible for giving him intelligence, who said that he was very interested in reports that had a narrative to them. This included details about how his meetings with other world leaders had gone. 

The Times also reported that Trump was eager to hear about the CIA’s information on foreign leaders’ extramarital…

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