‘They are human beings’: Chicago mayor welcomes migrants bussed by Texas

The mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, has vowed to welcome immigrants bussed to the city from the Mexican border, as the hard-right governor of Texas opened a third front in his confrontation with the Biden administration and Democratic sanctuary cities.

Lightfoot delivered a defiant speech on Thursday in which she accused Governor Greg Abbott of cruelty and racism, and pledged to respond to the Texan’s controversial scheme by greeting the released migrants with open arms.

Chicago received its first busloads of 79 migrants, in this case Venezuelans, on Wednesday night.

They were dispatched by Abbott who has already sent about 9,000 people who crossed the US-Mexico border without documents giving them entry to the US to Washington DC and New York City.

The move is a point-scoring stunt designed to level blame for chaotic conditions on the southern border at the White House and Democratic-controlled cities.

The Republican governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, is pursuing a similar ruse…

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This article was written by Ed Pilkington in New York and originally published on www.theguardian.com