Sunak supporter says Truss victory not ‘cut and dried’ as voting set to close in Tory leadership race – UK politics live

Truss leadership win ‘not cut and dried’, says Tory MP

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We begin with news that Rishi Sunak is not “cut and dried” but probably “neck and neck” with Liz Truss in the Tory leadership race, according to one Conservative MP.

Kevin Hollinrake, a supporter of the former chancellor and MP for Thirsk and Malton, told Sky News:

I’ve seen some of the polls and national polls. I think it’s quite hard for pollsters to determine who is a Conservative member and who is not because there’s not an open database.

But I know who mine are. I polled my 700 members, 239 of them responded, so about a third of them responded, and Rishi got an eight-point lead.

And I’ve seen similar kind of polls around different constituencies around the country. So I don’t think he’s cut and dried. I think he’s probably neck and neck.

Obviously Hollinrake’s opinion doesn’t quite tally with the reality of Truss having dominated all publicly…

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