Jackson, Mississippi’s Water Crisis Is Pushing Local Businesses to the Brink

Jackson, Mississippi'S Water Crisis Is Pushing Local Businesses To The Brink - Jackson Ms Water Crisis 512443

For the past five weeks, Jeff Good has operated his three restaurants in Jackson, Mississippi under a boil water notice–that’s if he’s lucky enough to have water at all. On Monday, the faucets went dry and forced him to close for four days. On Friday morning, the water pressure returned and they were able to open in time for breakfast and lunch, but the headache is far from over.

The city of 150,000 people, a quarter of whom are below the poverty line, is still under a boil water advisory. That means his 210 employees cannot safely use the restaurants’ soda guns, commercial coffee makers, or ice machines. Workers have to rely on bottled water, canned soft drinks, a Mr. Coffee, and bags of ice, which are stacked to the ceiling in the walk-in freezers. Even baking bread requires bottled water. These measures cost each location an additional $200 to $500 a day. At the same time, sales are down 20 percent.

“We are under tremendous duress spending this amount of money every day,” says…

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This article was written by Ali Donaldson and originally published on www.inc.com