How Companies Can Be Proactive — Not Reactive — on Social Issues

A political development from a major institution shakes society. A social controversy takes over the news cycle. A major tragedy, violence, or disaster puts a spotlight on social inequity. After these events occur, your workforce is anxious and distracted. Your customers are no different. These stakeholders direct the same question to your organization’s leadership:

“What are you and your organization going to do about this?”

If you’ve felt like the pressure on organizations, especially corporations, to take action on social issues has increased in the last few years, you’d be well-justified in thinking so. The latest data from the Edelman Trust Barometer, an NGO researching trust in societal institutions, shows Business as the sole remaining “trustworthy” institution amid plummeting trust in Government and Media since 2020, worldwide. And while survey respondents indicated low trust in “CEOs,” they paradoxically indicated high and growing…

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This article was written by Lily Zheng and originally published on