6 Reasons Why Community Is The Most Important Part of Your Product

6 Reasons Why Community Is The Most Important Part Of Your Product - Gettyimages 1175768439 512307

One of my favorite TV shows ever is the 2000s comedy Community. The show features six-ish community college students who become unlikely friends. I love the program for many reasons. First of all, it’s one of the most meta TV series ever, in that it’s mainly self-referential about TV tropes. And if you know me, I love me some metaphysical / Mehtaphysical stuff.

But I also adore the characters and the “community” they built. As a kid who was pretty lonely growing up, I have always been drawn to the kinship and connection that comes from feeling like you’ve found your tribe.

As a tech CEO who has met people from at least 5000 SaaS companies over the last decade, I find myself reflecting a lot on what is fundamental to a software company. The default answer might be “a product.” But I’d argue that in the last decade, the barrier to entry for SaaS has gotten so low that technology and features are largely commoditized. Check out the G2 grid on any software category (including ours) and…

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This article was written by Nick Mehta and originally published on www.inc.com