Top Litecoin Wallets for 2022

Litecoin can be kept in a “hot” software wallet connected to the internet on your computer or phone or a “cold” hardware wallet that can keep your information fully offline. Users can also turn to Litecoin-specific software developed by the cryptocurrency’s boosters.

Litecoin wallets

Litecoin-specific wallets are best for users interested primarily in Litecoin and who do not need to hold multiple cryptocurrencies in the same wallet. These programs can help Litecoin owners take advantage of the coin’s low fees and relatively fast transaction speeds.

Litecoin Core

Good for: Hard-core Litecoin users.

Litecoin Core is open-source software that essentially runs a copy of the entire Litecoin blockchain to your computer. This setup, called a “full node,” also helps secure the Litecoin network and keep it running smoothly. The software can be installed on a Windows, Linux, or macOS computer.

It’s not the most user-friendly method, however; it requires a lot of hard drive space — at least 25 GB…

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