This CEO Brings His Dad to Work With Him Every Week. He Says It’s Made Him a Better Businessman

This Ceo Brings His Dad To Work With Him Every Week. He Says It'S Made Him A Better Businessman - Andrew Joel Barrocas 512115

As a kid, Andrew Barrocas always dreamed that he’d work with his dad on the family business, a garment manufacturing company in New York City called Mona Slide Fasteners. Instead, he ended up bringing his dad, Joel, to work with him.

Andrew is the CEO of MNS, a real estate development firm that currently has 12,000 units for rent and sale in New York City. Since 2021, each Thursday, Andrew, 43, and his dad, Joel Barrocas, 77, have commuted together, driving to MNS’s headquarters in Brooklyn. They keep the radio off, and discuss all matters of business. Once they get to the office, Andrew goes about his day, taking client calls, managing meetings, and running the business. Joel joins him, offers his own suggestions, and typically heads home sometime in the afternoon. He takes an Uber. 

Andrew isn’t just helping his dad stay active in retirement, however. He says Joel’s advice and counsel has been essential. “He’s basically been my coach through business my entire life,”…

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