The most noteworthy part of Trump’s latest Mar-a-Lago filing was what wasn’t in it

Former President Donald Trump.
Trump’s latest filing in his bid to get a special master makes no mention of his claim that he broadly declassified documents seized from Mar-a-Lago.
It also doesn’t address the DOJ’s revelation that it has evidence of “likely” efforts to obstruct its investigation into Trump.
Politico reported that earlier Wednesday, Trump also appeared to undermine a June 3 letter that his own lawyer signed saying all classified materials had been returned to the DOJ.

Former President Donald Trump’s latest salvo in his legal battle to get a court-appointed “special master” to review materials seized in this month’s Mar-a-Lago raid was widely panned as another “PR filing” after it dropped Wednesday.

But perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of the filing was what wasn’t in it: any mention of Trump’s weeks-long defense that he had broadly declassified all the documents seized in the Mar-a-Lago search, or his claim that the FBI may have “planted” evidence at his home.


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