Recession-Proof Investments

Is there such a thing as a recession-proof investment? Many listeners are wondering this and asking questions about what to do right now. We don’t like the phrase “recession-proof investment.” It implies you need a different investment strategy depending on what the market is doing. It shouldn’t surprise any followers that we don’t think this is true. Are we even in a recession? We dive into this question as well as answer your questions about what to do with your money with the current state of the economy: buy I bonds, savings bonds, pay off rental property mortgages? With our cloudy crystal ball, we try to answer your questions in this episode.

We received an email recently pointing out that we are not officially in a recession. It is commonly thought that a recession is called after two quarters of negative GDP growth. But it is actually a much more qualitative call made by the NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research) and takes into account four or five factors in…

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