Make the Most of Trade Shows With These Tips

Make The Most Of Trade Shows With These Tips - Gettyimages 75675775 512407

If you’re serious about innovation, you must attend the trade show that is relevant to your field. This allows you to identify companies for potential  partnerships. It also shows these companies that you are a professional. Inventors who repeatedly license their ideas for new products attribute much of their success to the relationships they’ve built. Why? Because they’re given targets to hit and can receive feedback quickly, which is crucial to developing an idea that companies will actually want to license.

After a difficult couple of years of trade shows being canceled and postponed, it appears they are coming back in full force. Last week, my business partner Andrew Krauss attended SuperZoo–the annual trade event for mainly dog and cat products–in Las Vegas. Business is booming in the pet industry, he told me. The trade show floors were so packed that it was difficult to hear. The pet industry is recession-proof, he learned: Pet owners are willing to spend money on their…

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