How to Get Your Employees to Use Your Company Health Benefits

How To Get Your Employees To Use Your Company Health Benefits - Gettyimages 1363097611 512367

In a tight labor market and an uncertain economy, the season when you have to explain health insurance options to your employees is especially stressful. Helping your employees choose the right health insurance plan can save you a lot of money and avoid future headaches, real and metaphorical.

Remember, choosing a health plan is not always a simple or easy process for your employees. Many people worry that they won’t be able to keep their doctor, that customer service will be terrible, or that a lower-cost option won’t cover key medical procedures.

Most employers these days still offer a health plan with access to a broad network of health care providers–called a PPO. Hopefully, if you are savvy, you’ve also considered offering an alternative alongside it that has a more carefully curated network of health care providers chosen for their quality and affordability. This alternative typically will have lower cost-sharing for employees.

So how can you communicate with your employees…

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