Government and nonprofit workers with student debt have 2 more months to use a waiver that will bring them closer to loan forgiveness

Public servants have two months left to make use of the temporary PSLF waiver.
The waiver allows any past payments, even those deemed ineligible, to qualify for the program.
But it’s expiring on October 31 amid a push from advocates to extend the deadline further.

If you’re a student-loan borrower working in public service, the deadline to access limited relief is quickly approaching.

When President Joe Biden took office, 98% of applicants were being denied relief through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, which is intended to forgive student debt for government and nonprofit workers after ten years of qualifying payments. Given the program’s mismanagement, the Education Department last year announced reforms to PSLF, included a limited-time waiver through October 31, 2022 that allows any past payments to count toward forgiveness progress, including those previously deemed ineligible.

That deadline is just two months away, and the administration is encouraging borrowers to…

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