Dr. Oz and David McCormick will finally reunite

Dr. Oz And David Mccormick Will Finally Reunite - Ap22230051130020 Edit

McCormick conceded to Oz and asked voters to support his political rival when he bowed out of the race. And he has since donated the maximum allowed under law to Oz.

But while the two have spoken since the race, they have not yet made any appearances together. Next Wednesday’s event will be the first joint gathering, though it is not a campaign event. Ortagus, however, said she pitched the idea to McCormick explicitly as a chance to show unity on the Republican side and, in turn, give Oz a campaign boost.

McCormick’s campaign had unleashed millions in super PAC dollars in an effort to take down Oz and question his conservative bona fides on issues like abortion, transgender rights, guns and even went so far as to question his patriotic loyalty to America because of his dual citizenship with Turkey.

Those attack lines have lingered as Oz continues to fight the same misgivings in his race to beat Democrat John Fetterman. McCormick, meanwhile, has been urged by Republicans to…

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This article was written by By Meridith McGraw and originally published on www.politico.com