Amazon’s Work From Home Policy Satisfies Employees and Employers Should Take Note

Amazon'S Work From Home Policy Satisfies Employees And Employers Should Take Note - Gettyimages 1061810204 512299

Last October, Amazon faced the same challenge as nearly every business large and small: should staff work in-office or work from home

With a less than glittering reputation as an employer, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy was in a unique position of finding not just a good solution to a worldwide problem, but a great solution for the global e-commerce conglomerate complete with a myriad of positions, levels, locations and functions. All of which makes it the trillion-dollar company that it is–thanks to its over 1.6 million employees

After consulting with leadership teams, Jassy landed on a simple three-pronged approach to answering the work-from-home conundrum amid a pandemic and has been testing it over the last year. But as companies now seek ways to return to normal life in a post-pandemic environment–where staff now want to work from home–the new tough question is do employers require staff to return to the office? 

Jassy’s pandemic-inspired work-from-home strategy, outlined in…

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