The Papers: ‘Britain demands bill freeze’ and farewell Boris

Mikhail Gorbachev is pictured on several of the front pages. The Daily Telegraph describes the former Soviet leader as “charming and modernising”.

The Sun calls him a “peace-maker”. Metro’s headline is “World mourns a true man of peace”. The Times says he was widely hated by Russians who resented the loss of the country’s super-power status. The I points out that many in Russia never forgave him for the “turbulence” that his reforms unleashed.

“Have police given up on burglary?” asks the headline on the front of the Daily Mail, as it covers a report by a former detective chief inspector who warns that the public feel forces have all but given up on dealing with break-ins.

It says David Spencer, who is now at the centre-right think tank Policy Exchange has called for a “radical shake-up” of forces, including wider use of existing powers to sack failing chief constables.

The Telegraph focuses on his calls for officers to be barred from taking the knee or wearing campaign badges – to…

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