Stop Counting the Hours and Start Making the Hours Count

Stop Counting The Hours And Start Making The Hours Count - Gettyimages 200532245 001 512255

Can you change the world while working 40 hours or fewer per week?

That’s the question I’ve been asking entrepreneurs and change-makers recently.

My favorite response came from Swedish social entrepreneur, Admir Lukacevic, who simply replied, “just give me one second–that will be enough for me!”

I love Lukacevic’s passion (and confidence) but most of us would agree we need a bit more time at work than that. The question, though, is how much?

The results of my informal study paint a very clear picture: 81 percent say that yes, you can change the world in this amount of time. Meanwhile, 19 percent say no.

Among those who say no, the most common responses are that to be the singular person driving a world-changing company or movement, you simply need more than 40 hours per week in the trenches, and there just aren’t enough examples to the contrary. But even in these responses, they recognize that perhaps the model of the lone entrepreneur changing the world by themselves is becoming…

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