Roger Bolton: Ex-Radio 4 host says BBC is spooked by lack of young listeners

Broadcaster Roger Bolton has suggested the BBC is “spooked” by the decline in young audiences to traditional radio.

Bolton, 76, was speaking after being dropped as host of Radio 4’s Feedback after 23 years.

“If you were running Radio 4, you must be worried by the fact that not many young people are coming to listen to you,” Bolton said.

A BBC spokesperson said the station had always “kept up with the fast changing broadcasting landscape”.

After his exit made newspaper headlines at the weekend, Bolton told BBC News he did not hold a grudge and understood the corporation’s drive to attract new audiences.

“The BBC is spooked, generally, by the fact that younger people are not coming to broadcast programmes, so they’re investing very heavily in podcasts, and hoping that that way, they’ll attract younger people,” he said.

“At the same time, they have to be careful that their presenting team aren’t all of a certain age… So my guess is, and I’ve no first-hand knowledge of this, that…

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