No, Biden is not telling kids to report their parents for covid disinformation

No, Biden Is Not Telling Kids To Report Their Parents For Covid Disinformation - Ojniifecjbfx3Ouwgimiglx3Ka
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Tucker Carlson: “At the same moment that Biden is accusing Republicans of fascism, his DHS [Department of Homeland Security] has published a cartoon on Facebook urging children to report their parents to federal authorities if their parents post something called covid disinformation, because that’s not Soviet or anything. What the hell is going on?”

Blake Masters, Arizona Senate candidate (R): “Now this latest thing, Biden’s DHS, they’re trying to recruit children to rat out their parents for questioning some official covid narrative. This is straight from Mao’s Cultural Revolution. This is Chinese Communist Party stuff.”

— exchange on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Aug. 29

This is a strange one. But it’s a good example of how something pops up in the right-wing universe, gets grabbed and twisted by Tucker Carlson, and then embraced by a Republican candidate.

If this was a surprise to you — that Biden is urging children to…

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