Improve Your CX and Marketing Strategies with Augmented Reality 

Improve Your Cx And Marketing Strategies With Augmented Reality  - Gettyimages 1365461184 512035

At the height of the pandemic, while the world was sheltering in place, I found myself faced with an unforeseen, first-world problem: my Health Spending Account (HSA) was about to expire and it would take my $1,600 balance with it if I didn’t intervene. After postponing dentist and doctor appointments to avoid catching the virus, my planned HSA spending had stalled for the year, and I was now staring down the barrel of a “use it or lose it” scenario. Lucky for me, I have the worst vision ever and this, combined with augmented reality, offered me a perfect solution to my problems. 

Thanks to retailers like Warby Parker and Zenni Optical, in just one week I was able to spend my entire HSA on nearly a dozen pairs of glasses. From prescription sunglasses to transition lenses, to blue light glasses and traditional glasses, I had made one confident purchase after another–all from the comfort and security of my own home. 

While the ability to virtually try on glasses has been around for…

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