A Late Father’s Side Hustle Goes Big Because of His Daughter

A Late Father'S Side Hustle Goes Big Because Of His Daughter - Rhonda Grayer Inc

For many years, WT Stevens supplemented his Detroit autoworker income with a small construction business. But there was nothing small about his impact on the people of Flint, Michigan.

When Stevens, a father of eight, died in February 2002, his daughter Rhonda Grayer realized that the “nice, nonconfrontational guy” she had known had ­another side. “I was just amazed at his funeral, how many people’s lives he’d ­impacted,” she says. Many mourners told Grayer that her dad had trained them for free, given them a chance when nobody else would, and in some cases inspired them to start their own businesses. Those stories changed Grayer’s life: To carry on her father’s legacy, she registered his side business as a corporation, launching WT Stevens Construction in April 2002. By 2019, the company had made the Inc. 5000, at No. 79.

But that success took years of hardship–and a willingness to learn. For 10 years, Grayer kept working in corporate America while building up WT Stevens:…

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This article was written by Nick Hawkins and originally published on www.inc.com