3 Tips For Entrepreneurs Using Real Estate Investing to Fund Business Ideas

3 Tips For Entrepreneurs Using Real Estate Investing To Fund Business Ideas - Gettyimages 1333877333 512123

As an 18-year-old entrepreneur just starting out, one of the best decisions I made was begging 33 banks to lend me money. They all said no. However, it taught persistence, and with number 34, it sparked my first real estate deal. 

Looking back 20 years later, I’m grateful to this wide-eyed believer and his lesson learned, because both set my businesses up for success that wouldn’t have been possible, especially without understanding the ins and outs of real estate. To help you not make the same mistakes, here are three tips on how you can use real estate to support entrepreneurial efforts. 

1. Utilize Passive Investing

Entrepreneurship takes a lot of time, so any form of passive income can be extremely valuable. For those wondering about the meaning of passive income, it’s income produced by vehicles that don’t cost you a lot of active time. Somebody I’ve worked with in the past and followed is Justin Donald, who is an educator in passive investing. After reading through his…

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This article was written by John Hall and originally published on www.inc.com