Trump bragged to his aides that he had dirt on Emmanuel Macron’s sex life: Rolling Stone

France’s President Emmanuel Macron and then President Donald Trump meeting ahead of the NATO summit in London on December 3, 2019.
Trump has been boasting about having dirt on Emmanuel Macron, per Rolling Stone.
The outlet cited sources who said Trump has been teasing salacious details about Macron to aides.
The FBI found a file labeled “info re: President of France” during its search of Mar-a-Lago.

Former President Donald Trump has spent years bragging to his associates that he has dirt on French President Emmanuel Macron, according to a Rolling Stone report published on Monday.

Rolling Stone spoke to two anonymous sources with knowledge of the matter, who told the publication that Trump had been gossiping about Macron’s love life — both during his time in the White House and after. According to the sources, Trump said he received the purportedly scandalous information about Macron through “intelligence” that he was given. 

One of Rolling Stone’s sources told the outlet that…

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