Partnerships Can Be Key to Business Growth

Partnerships Can Be Key To Business Growth - Gettyimages 1364621197 512119

Partnerships often provide a great platform for growth and success for companies of all sizes, big and small. My company Pacaso’s business model is built almost entirely around partnerships — from community leaders, banking partners, real estate agents, brokerages, or even local businesses ranging from lawn care, home cleaners, and other service providers. 

Most importantly, the relationships between a company and its customers and employees are also partnerships. They are probably the most important partnerships of all. But getting partnerships right can be hard. I wanted to share a few examples of partnerships in our business at Pacaso and reflect on some of the best practices that I have learned over the years. 

One of the secrets to Pacaso’s fast growth is our early investment in building partnerships with real estate agents all around the world. We have forged important relationships with recognizable brokerages and agents including Engel & Volkers, RE/MAX, and leading real…

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