How to Figure Out the Power Dynamics in a New Job

When you join a new organization, it’s important to understand who holds the power because they directly impact how work gets done, but it’s not always perfectly clear. In this piece, the author offers strategies to better identify where the true power exists.  “At first glance across your company, it’s natural to assume that those who have ‘chief’ or ‘senior’ in their titles are the ones that dominate the power landscape,” the author writes. “But this isn’t always the case.”

Your ultimate success in an organization depends on your ability to execute with and through others. But when you’re starting a new job, it can be hard to find out who the true power players are and how to get close to them.

These influential leaders are not always as obvious as the ones represented on the company website, yet remain critical to your long-term success. Research shows that during times of transition like moving to a new role or company,…

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This article was written by Nihar Chhaya and originally published on